About the Journal

Journal of Molecular Biomedical Research is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal. Our goal is to cover the recent advances in the field of epigenetics, genomics, proteomics, gene editing, RNA biology, signal transduction, structural biology, early diagnosis and biomarkers of disease, gene therapy, cell therapy, and immunotherapy, targeted therapy by small molecules, molecular imaging, and other subjects of Molecular Biomedicine. Biomedicine is a vast subject and the journal intends to help its readers with its clinical inquiries and latest updates. We welcome all kinds of readers to read our work online.

Our journal’s focus is to publish the most undisputed and original work online. The Editorial Office ensures a peer-review process for better scrutiny of manuscripts. This process ensures that we meet our benchmark standard. Journal of Molecular Biomedical Research publishes original research, review articles, case studies, editorials, and clinical images of molecular biomedicine.

Authors are requested to submit manuscripts as an email attachment to the Editorial Office at biomedicalres@scitechjournals.org or submit the manuscripts online at Journal of Molecular Biomedical Research

Scope of the Journal

Molecular Biomedicine Research covers vast scope which is as follows: Genomics, Proteomics, Gene editing, RNA biology, Gene therapy, Cell therapy, Immunotherapy, Molecular imaging, Epigenetics, Signal transduction, Targeted therapy by small molecules, Artificial intelligence in medicine and Regenerative medicine, Sickle cell anemia