About the Journal

Journal of Family Medicine and Clinical Research is a peer-review, open-access journal, dedicated to advancing the field of family medicine and clinical research that showcases a diverse range of research articles, reviews, case studies, and editorials encompassing various aspects of family medicine. We recognize the pivotal role that family medicine plays in promoting holistic healthcare for individuals and communities. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive platform for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and experiences that contribute to the evolution of family medicine as a specialized discipline and encourages collaboration between primary care physicians, specialists, and allied health professionals, recognizing the crucial role of teamwork in comprehensive patient management.

Scope of the Journal

Journal of Family Medicine and Clinical Research (JFMCR) covers a wide spectrum of topics within family medicine and clinical research such as Primary Care, Chronic Disease Management, Family-Centered Health Interventions, Mental Health and Well-being, Pediatric and Adolescent Care, Geriatric Care, Preventive Medicine, Innovations in primary care delivery, Cultural competence and diversity in healthcare and Patient-centered approaches, etc. We encourage contributions that not only advance medical knowledge but also contribute to the improvement of healthcare delivery and patient experiences.