About the Journal

Journal of Environmental Toxicity Research is a peer-review, open-access journal, dedicated to advancing our understanding of the intricate relationship between the environment and various forms of toxicity. Understanding various ways that poisons interact with ecosystems and species has never been more crucial, as the globe struggles with increasingly complicated environmental issues. Our journal serves as a beacon for researchers, scholars, and practitioners, generating a thriving community dedicated to resolving the intricacies of environmental issues and its possible effects on ecosystems and human health.

To ensure a complete understanding of the complex processes at work, our journal adopts a thorough approach, including studies that range from the molecular mechanisms underlying toxicity to the wider ecological ramifications.

Scope of the Journal

The scope of the journal Environmental Toxicity Research (JETR) is extensive, covering a wide range of subjects in the fields of environmental science and toxicology. Contributions are welcome that explore diverse topics such as Environmental regulations, Climate change, Conservation, Toxicological mechanisms, Soil contamination, Pollution control measures, Persistent organic pollutants, Bioaccumulation, Ecological risk assessment, Health risk management etc. from research on the effects of pollutants on ecosystems to investigations into the molecular pathways of toxic compounds. The journal invites submissions that span a range of scales, from the cellular level to the planetary level.