About the Journal

Journal of Deep Sea and Coastal Research is a peer-reviewed publication dedicated to comprehension of the complex and dynamic ecosystems that comprise the deep sea and coastal regions. As the scientific community and society at large remain captivated by the world's oceans and coastal regions, our journal assumes a leading role in promoting comprehension, ingenuity, and cooperation in these crucial fields of study.

In a time where understanding the complexities of our oceans and coastlines is of great importance, our journal takes on a prominent role in facilitating interdisciplinary dialogue and fostering partnerships that transcend traditional boundaries. The mysterious depths of the oceans and the dynamic interactions along coastal areas are of utmost importance, not only due to their inherent scientific intrigue, but also because of their significant impact on global climate patterns, biodiversity, resource management, and human sustenance.

Scope of the Journal

The Journal of Deep Sea and Coastal Research (JDSCR) encompasses a wide spectrum of topics, including Oceanography, Marine Biology, Coastal Geology, Geomorphology, Climate and Ocean Dynamics, Biodiversity and Conservation, Human Interactions and Socioeconomic Aspects, Deep Sea Exploration and Technology, Economic and Societal Impacts etc. At the Journal of Deep Sea and Coastal Research, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of scientific rigor and integrity. Our peer-review process involves thorough evaluation by experts in the relevant fields, ensuring that only well-founded and impactful research contributes to our journal's pages.