About the Journal

Journal of Oral Diseases and Treatment is an open-access, peer-review journal which intends to help readers throughout its work. It focuses on the latest technology, data, and research based on the most well-grounded data. Our objective is to throw light on oral health problems. The Editorial Board ensures a peer-review process for constructive criticism. We publish original research, review articles, case studies, editorials, short communication, brief reports, conference reports, opinions, perspectives, abstracts and proceedings, and clinical images based on the subject.

Journal of Oral Diseases and Treatment uses an Online Review and Editorial tracking system for the betterment of its quality. The Editorial tracking system is where manuscripts are submitted and tracked. Every progress related to the manuscript can be tracked in the Editorial tracking system. The assigned reviewers carefully examine the manuscripts and revert the manuscript to the author for modification.

Authors can submit manuscripts as an email attachment to the Editorial Office at oraldiseases@scitechjournals.org or submit the manuscript online at Journal of Oral Diseases and Treatment

Scope of the Journal

The scope of the journal broadly covers the following important topics to help the authors: Oral diseases, Cavities (tooth decay), Gum (periodontal) disease, Oral cancer, Dental caries, Edentulism, Oro-dental trauma, Cleft lip and palate.