About the Journal

Journal of Global Entrepreneurial Management is an open-access and peer-review which is entrepreneurship-based journal. The journal publishes ideas and projects on how to constructively handle a start-up. Our goal is to publish the most infallible data to help readers on the subject. The Editorial Office with its peer-review process helps us set and maintain the standard for our journal. We publish original research work, case studies, reports, short communications, proceedings, editorials, review articles, and related to the field.

We use online tracking and online review for critical analysis. Our Editorial Tracking System helps users in submitting manuscripts. Reviewers give their opinion and review the article online for better quality. Authors can track their progress online after submitting their articles. Authors might be requested to make the required changes suggested by the reviewers before getting their article published.

You may submit manuscripts as an email attachment to the Editorial Office at entrepreneurship@scitechjournals.org or submit the manuscript online at Journal of Global Entrepreneurial Management

Scope of the Journal

The scope of the journal covers the topics related to Entrepreneur, Start-up, Business, Intrapreneurship, Small business, Scalable startups, Social entrepreneurship, planning, organising, implementing, leading and monitoring physical, financial and information resources.